Well Suited?

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Most of the men at this event went tie-less and some stuck to dark colors with their suits while others contrasted with white. For us, there was no clear winner but there definitely was a clear loser. Any guesses, who?


Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Dino Morea at Laila Khan’s Wedding


Ritesh Deshmukh, Karan Johan, Jacky Bhagnani at Laila Khan’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hrithik who forgot to button his shirt? Reminds me of all those college romeos who walk around with their shirts open – it’s not a very dignified look.

  2. I am hoping u guys are thinking the last one – with the denim looking type pants with that shirt and that jacket. All over the place. Rest of the guys look spiffy each in their own way – we may not all like all the looks but can’t say any of ’em look like horrible.

  3. haha ! for me, the clear winner is Hrithik…
    and the clear loser is saif ! my god… i dont understand the concept of wearing shades in the dark!

  4. saif’s specs look silly, hrithik is looking too pale and vampirish, dino looks like the dishy italian stalion that he is, the collar of ritesh’s shirt is really wierd, karan looks old and jacky looks like a flashy nouveau riche boy with bad taste in fashion. so to sum up, it’s dino who’s the best for me!

  5. Much as I like Saif Ali, I think he should stop trying to copy Johnny Depp’s style…Only Depp can carry off that look and even he fails at it some times.

  6. who is jacky bhagnani anyway? (bad outfit on his part.) KJo looks a bit silly with that collar, and ritesh, well…meh.

    Saif looks good, although that shades in the night thing is slightly pointless. and is hrithik going twilight? it’s a very vampiric look imo.

  7. KJO and Jacky (who is he?) both look totally tacky. I find the fact that Hrithik hardly ever buttons up his shirt (to show off his body presumably) childish and pathetic. Saif’s shades make him look like a greasy Depp wannabe.

    Dino looks suave and Ritesh is average

  8. Hrithik looks hot..LOL on the vampire comments…strangely enough he DOES look like Alex O’loughlin here (the guy you played the vampire on the short-lived CBS series “moonlight”)
    I am guessing that the worst is Jacky – whats with those pants? and THAT belt..is it Hermes? Tacky…..

  9. The two people who look weird are Saif and KJo. The latter with his layers of what I am guessing is foundation, and the former for his shades. Really Saif, Johnny Depp you are NOT…

  10. Hrithik looks the HOTTEST of them all .All those making silly comments are plain jealous .
    He looks fit and my god look at those eyes .Gorgeous is the word for this man .

    WORST – i guess Jacky .Those pants and then the belt .


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