A Lust Lost


When I included this clutch back in April as part of the lust list, it was a serious case of lust’itis. I however believe I may have been cured. This is not how I envisioned the clutch to have been carried. If it was a kurti/tunic that Roopa had to go with, am sure there were plenty other options she could’ve chosen from, then why this?


Left: Roopa Fabiani At Shantanu And Nikhil’s Collection Showcase
Right: Bottega Veneta Python Fold Over Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I am liking the kurti very much, and the clutch. but you’re right, maybe not together so much. The clutch loses its oomph with the beige background (being the kurti)…


  2. I actually like the kurti : is it a Ritu Kumar? Very all-purpose, casual and pretty

    This is just my opinion and Im curious to know how many of you agree (or disagree) with me:

    For me the wonderful thing about Indian/ Indo-western wear has been that it can be so pretty, graceful and feminine without being too dressy or formal.

    I mean, in small town America where I live you usually see women lounging about grocery stores and places like that in ratty shorts, tracks, plain tees and such like

    I love how every Indian woman, even the fruit seller on the street is so elaborately put together: intricate earrings, crisply folded sari, flowers in her well-combed hair, despite not having too much money or resources these women are so careful about the way they dress for the most casual of moments

    This is why I find it funny when people talk about how Indians lack fashion sense. Sure, the ‘society’ crowd can be a bit tacky but the average Indian woman really cares about her appearance: exotic AND elegant.

    I dont mean to offend anyone, I am just wondering what you think




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