Roohi In Missoni

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A beautiful floral dress, I hate that Roohi wore those awful red studded sandals which just distract from this pretty dress.


Left: Roohi Jaikishen, Day Four of HDIL Couture Week
Right: Missoni Spring 2008

Update: Roohi is Pallavi Jaikishen’s daughter-in-law. Thanks guys!

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani and Style

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  1. it looks good on the model, I actually love it -just not on her
    WHY are the women who can’t carry those clothes AT ALL the only ones who can afford them -_-

  2. Correction Roohi is the daughter in law of Pallavi Jaikishan, she is the sister of Riyadh Oomerbhoy, the vansapti or dalda family, and Bhairavi is the daughter of Pallavi Jaikishan

    she has looked better. she had too much make up on and her dress was extremely unflattering in shape

  3. Will you look at her face?? What a bad make-up job! I really wonder what all these socialites do for their make-up…. it seems like they spend their fortunes on clothes and accessories but don’t bother learning to put on make-up!!!

  4. i think she looks great, the sandals are by sergio rossi, and they go very well with the dress. Roohi carries the dress very well, she ‘s chic and has great taste.


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