Rolling Along

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Rolled up sleeves should have stopped with the times of ‘Grease’. But considering her hair style never did get updated, this would have been too much to expect from Soha huh?

Left: At The Announcement Of Olympic Torchbearers
Right: At The Launch Of Crocs SS 08 Collection


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  1. the only time i could look at her was when she was at koffe with karan and there too she was waving her lv vernis clutch like a show off( may be she hasnt seen much des. acces. earlier) … get some help !!

  2. also it looks better if it’s done on a tee. not on a regular blouse like the one she’s wearing on the left. that looks kinda weird.

  3. She probably was living and breathing designer since the day she was born. She is too down to earth to make it a huge part of her life. And what if she was not exposed to designer crap – does that make her a low-life? get real!

  4. that is the point that the poster was trying to make – she is a Pataudi, she has lived a pretty good life but it is obvious that she is not into the shallow designer stuff.

  5. @ rehaana:
    ‘Shallow’ designer stuff? Seriously?

    I LOVE designer clothes- does that make me shallow?

    I love them because they are different/stylish, their finish is excellent, their cuts are flattering, their fabric is top-notch; a new perspective on dressing. Something different, something that makes me stand out.

    This is not to say that clothes/accessories that DONT cost an arm and a leg are bad- I have teamed a Gucci dress with a H&M clutch.

    Why is it that designer clothing is associated with “shallow” people? I think there’s a big difference between people who wear designer LOGO stuff and who don’t and I personally do think people who carry LV logo bags are slightly (or a lot) showy.

  6. I think its funny that she rolled her sleeves, I expect it to have a cigarette or bidi in it!!! Just kidding guys, lighten up. THIS blog is for fun!!!


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