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Most of the time this couple steps out together, they are almost always out of sync when it comes to their outfits. Thankfully, at the Airtel Salaam-e-Comedy Awards, Rohit went all black with Manasi providing color with her pink suit. And, while Manasi’s suit may not be that great, we are just glad they are in sync this time! Heck, anything is an upgrade over Rohit’s white and purple look!

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  1. she is short.. but the point is.. who said couples had to go in matching color or contrast color clothes? i think its unfair to say that..

  2. yes, i agree, who cares if they match clothes or not? when people DO match, one reads headlines like, “haha! theyre matching!” and when they don’t, “omg theyre wearing mismatched?”
    double-edged sword.

    but yeh, the purple and white…can only look good on some men…rohit, you should stick with all black, and maybe give ur brother a shot at the purple and white! :P

  3. Surbhi/Belle,
    By in sync I don’t mean they have to match head to toe or color contrast.. But, it shouldn’t also look like as if Manasi is attending a wedding where as Rohit looks like he is the band master performing at the wedding…

    Hope that clarifies it more!

    P.S. Another good example is Akshay wearing an animal print shirt while Twinkle wearing a beautiful halter neck at the Khatron Ke Khiladi event…

  4. the lady has no dress sense watzsoever maybe she should consider buying her self another pair of shoes:]…n the guy looks retarded in his white n purple but lookz ok in black…


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