Rohit Bal for British Airways

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British Airways recently unveiled the new cabin crew uniforms designed by Rohit Bal. The uniforms will be worn by air hostesses on flights in the South Asian routes. Besides the traditional sari, the collection has sherwanis and kurtas for the women.

I like the piped lining on the sari blouses and kurtas, but, the red, white and blue graphic print on the outfits is so boring. I wish Bal had chosen a more indian motif.

I am surprised there was nothing for the men…Do they still have to wear suits? Would have been nice to have them in Sherwanis too! ;)

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  1. Hmmm…don’t like these much…to ordinary..not impressive…and for some reason the design on the saree and duppatta look very very common!
    Like you have mentioned it wouldn’t hurt to go more traditional

  2. I work for BA, the Sari is only worn for PR days and special events. The patton on the Sari etc etc is the same patton we have on our cravats (British Crew). Rohit Bal picked the same patton to go on the Sar etc because it matches the corporate image of British Airways. I eman BA has always had Saris and they have alsways been similar to the Western uniform.

    Its so people know its BA, simply.


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