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Richa attended the Red Sea Film Festival and was seen at one event wearing a cotton grey sari and at another in a gold dress from Aasa. While it was nice to see a sari on the red carpet, the cotton one felt a bit too casual. As for the dress, didn’t care for the design itself but the color and the contrast with the green footwear was striking.

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Richa Meena

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  1. am all for sarees, even cotton sarees, everywhere, but this depressing grey one, badly draped and full of creases, is just making me so sad.

  2. Respectfully disagree about cotton saree being ‘casual’ or ‘event inappropriate’. Silks are for dressing up, fine. But so are the light-to-carry, smart , and easy-to-drape cotton sarees.

  3. The dress is a fail.

    The saree is too plain for the event, even for a cotton saree lover like me!

    All that is good is the silver accessories in the saree look.


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