In Raw Mango

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During the Indian Film Festival held in Melbourne, Richa was photographed in a Raw Mango lehenga. Hair accessory and a hand-harness, both from Amrapali rounded out the actor’s look. Think she fared well on the red carpet?

Richa Chadha Wears Raw Mango To Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2016

Richa Chadha At Indian Film Festival of Melbourne 2016

Photo Credit: Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Kumar’s Photography Melbourne

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  1. Even Lakshmi Manchu dresses better than this. None of her looks are a contribution to fashion nor HHC. I don’t think she needs to be featured here.

    • Hahaha , lets not be so cruel also. No body can beat Lakshmi manchu ;albeit , I too feel that Richa chaddha looks bad because her face looks very harsh and somewhat mannish nowadays . She needs to change her stylist and makeupartist pronto

  2. Looks like there was too much gravitational force where she was standing. In the second pic, everything seems to be sagging downwards – her shoulders, her dupatta, her blouse…everything.

      • On South Indian brides dis hair piece luks beautiful as it is a part of their tradition..just like parandi (d one braided wid hair) luks pretty on traditional Sikh/Punjabi bride bt luks costumy n tacky on any one else..hope nw my point is clear to u.
        P.S- U r just wow at misinterpreting d statements!

  3. The image took a bit of time to load and I was checking the site in half sleep, I didn’t read the word “Raw” and thought “Mango ab lehenge bhi banane lage”!

    When I saw the image, I laughed out so loud, I woke the baby up.

    TL:DR – Blame you guys for waking up my baby!

  4. There is something in RC’s body language which always make me feel that she is clumsy or uncomfortable! The dress is nothing great to write home about, so can’t blame her here!

  5. Kudos on trying to use a traditional hair ornament ; however it does not entirely work here; maybe , would it work with a kanjeevaram saree? I am thinking a simple one without much zari work but an absolutely striking color, a big bindi and this? Maybe someone like nayantara or Tamannah could work it?


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