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Richa was seen at the Umang concert in a sheer ivory sari by Raw Mango and while the finishing touches were on point, the blouse here was a the wrong pick. It single-handedly killed the entire outfit.

Richa Chadha

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. To Richa- I get that you want to replicate the “Deepika saree” looks but keep your body type and proportions in mind when picking the blouse length/how high or low to tie the saree etc etc.

    To the stylist/publicist- take a picture of your client with a flash before they leave the house to get an idea of what the red carpet pics would look like !!

    • Totally agree! It’s styling 101 to have the length of the blouse hit where it’s most flattering on the client’s body type I.e make the torso look lengthened not wider.

  2. Oh no this is bad like so so bad.
    The choice of color, the sheer,the makeup,hair … everything aged her. She looked super dated .. satam shivam sundae am is the song playing in my head.
    At first glance I actually thought she was Lara Dutta

  3. She looks awful, the blouse is 3 sizes too tight, and the pallu drape…. all of it for a police charity concert?
    Yeah I know Indian women dont need lessons in how to dress, they dress for “themselves” and they will reveal body parts how ever they choose… because they are modern

    She should have atleast picked a blouse of the right size… while being “modern” 😛

  4. Silk Smitha called and she wants her saree and blouse back. Seriously, what am I looking at? How do people who meet her in person react to this?

  5. This is a gorgeous saree by Raw Mango and I bet they (RM) are cringing to see it worn so poorly. The blouse is awful and her draping is worse. I wish she went with their signature high neck blouse and did not do a single layer drape. Sad she killed such a gorgeous saree.

  6. Richa, I really like your work and I think you’re a gorgeous woman. Please get really good help with dressing asap. Some of your looks don’t do justice to your beauty.

    • Completely completely agree!!! Richa, you are a gorgeous woman and an awesomely talented actor.. you can do so much better. I’d really like to see a stylist work with her to bring out the goddess she really is.


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