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It was a Amit GT gown for Ms. Chadda while at the Stardust Awards. She makes the gown work for her. However, just us or does the black Bottega Veneta clutch look much too jarring against the gown?


Richa Chadda At Stardust Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Can’t understand why actors such as Richa need to over do it. Why should they all be over-styled and try and attain Oscar moments at Indian awards. If we stick to saris, A – we’d look comfortable in our own skin, B – we’d mark our own individuality and strength of culture, upbringing. Look how wannabe the entire industry is made to look like, no one wants to retain simplicity, everyone wants to stick their neck out and scream ‘hey-look-at-me-too’.

    • Anna, your comment really baffled me..’hey look at me too’..definitely nobody wants to go unnoticed on a red carpet..actresses, designers, stylist spend a lot of time and effort to put together a look..what for? to look simple and comfortable..then why shouldn’t they go home, switch on TV and ensconce in their sofas instead of making an appearance! this is a fashion blog we are here to see fashion moments that make history..we are not here to see comfortable simple clothes..

    • Since when did Indian women feel comfortable only in sarees? I am sure a lot of Indian women who are in their late twenties just like me still don’t know how to drape one properly nor carry it off as gracefully. We’re still trying..
      Also if they keep wearing Indian all the time wouldnt it get boring?

    • Strike you, maybe she likes to dress up too. Just cause she plays certain types of roles doesn’t mean she has to dress a certain way i.e., in sarees all the time. I think she looks stunning…she looks confident too and doesn’t seem uncomfortable either.

  2. She never looked this confifdent on red carpet..this gown brought about the diva in her! Strangely, newer actresses like her and Shahana stole the show on this red carpet! While Bips and Anushka could have brought some more punch but missed it coz of wrong styling!


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