1. Both their looks are androgynous, a little rough around the edges and deliberately ‘unfinished’ from the grooming point of view. They have also chosen interesting, unusual colour palettes. We have been seeing lots of looks like this on British and American celebrities lately, as a reaction to the incredibly rigid beauty standards for women in the spotlight and I LOVE IT!

    This is a much more sophisticated, intelligent approach to fashion than the same old of either ultra-sexy or super girly and demure fitted gowns/ saris draped and cut to reveal as much of the woman’s body as possible accompanied by perfectly glossy blow dried hair and industrial quantities of makeup.

  2. They are trying so hard to do the Japanese aesthetic of wearing oversized boxy clothing, but, need to try harder. But agree completely with Vish’s second paragraph. I’d take this over Priyanka flashing her girls all the time.

    • The amount of slut-shaming (yes that’s what this is) that goes on on this site is appalling. Both choosing to wear an androgynous or a ‘sexy, revealing’ outfit is equally empowering because women are in control of their own bodies and how they are perceived. I don’t understand the need to moral police grown adult women? At least in the case of Priyanka, if you follow her fashion then you must also know that besides red carpets she also wears a lot of androgynous clothing, suits and the like. Sorry for the rant, just a bit fed up of people amounting a successful woman’s worth to her cleavage. Also here’s a thought – would there be the same reaction to a flat-chested woman wearing the same thing? You can’t choose your body, you know, so why all this shaming?

  3. I can’t even comment on Rhea’s. It’s awful. Girl has beautiful features and so many other things going on for her yet she wears this dowdy crap. I am all for androgynous clothing yet this somehow misses the mark.
    Sonam looks great, I like the prescription glasses rather than those ugly shades. Hope they go away soon.


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