Ditto’ing On Louis Love

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Spotted Aditi Govitrikar at a recent party with the LV Suhali L’Aimable shoulder bag which has long been a favorite of Simi Garewal’s… both ladies do wear it well but am so tired of LV!

Simi Garewal
Aditi Govitrikar

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  1. Sometimes its refreshing to see people dressed down and simple.. fake everything is so lame. Aditi is lovely, and Simi as usual looks classy (don’t care for the white suit – but it is her signature style).

  2. Wow….isn’t that girl in yellow Helen something from that “raat sabhnami” with Milind Soman video. I was 9 years old back then. She still looks the same. I used to think she was so pretty when I was a kid. She still is!

  3. Shouldn’t the horizontal line on Aditi’s dress lie under her bust not over? Same thing with Urmila & her gown too? Line over the bust area looks weird!

  4. first of all Aditi needs a better bra
    and I am tired of LV’s as well -____-
    …the only one I’ve ever liked was J Ho’s in the Sex in the City movie

  5. @nagina…ahaha omg ur right about the foundation coming off!

    @Rene….omg! lol yes! the bag and dress r totally the same!

    Ok…why does Simi Grewal always wear white btw? Why? for some reason, she never seems to be the vision of grace to me. just plain boring.
    face too plastic. and what is wrong with her hair??

    that bag isnt that nice. naa…


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