Sari Style


Such a refreshing change to spot saris on women who haven’t been spotted in one in quite a while, on this blog anyway. While both ladies looked really lovely, I can’t help but gravitate towards Reshma’s look. Just a matter of personal taste; it appeals to me more. :)


Left: Sangeeta Bijlani At Anirudh Dhoot’s Party
Right: Reshma Bombaywala At Olive

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I hate to say this because I would like to see Twinkle in sarees, but she looks like an 80s soap star on this one. This saree, makeup and the hair is aging her so much….


  2. Why? Why? Why? I just don’t understand why do these people apply so much make up! All they do is try to look pretty and get clicked. Why don’t they still know that with too much make up, one flash can ruin the whole look? This comment is not with regard to just this pic (this is still understandable if not acceptable), but all those celebrities who cake up their faces like Christina Aguilera on-stage (read Queenie Dhody).

    Ok, partly wrong forum I guess…but had to get this out!


  3. reshma’s saree is lovely … wish she had draped it better.
    sangeeta’s saree is quite “meh” but she has draped it well.

    there shud be a crash course for celebs on “how to drape ur saree” !!!


    • I thought Reshma looked the picture of quiet elegance here. I do wish she had draped her sari better. But there’s some kind of serene dignity in her face that makes her look beautiful no matter what she wears.

      I do agree that Sangeeta looks garish though. But I think most of the yesteryear stars do (with a few exceptions), probably has to do with how they dressed in the movies back then.




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