Read The Fine Print, Its A Mess

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Thats Dia Mirza at the launch of Sahara’s Bollywood Ka Boss, sporting a long printed silk dress/tunic, multi-colored beads, a bronze metallic clutch and brown suede shoes, with bows nonetheless!!

Obviously, ‘less is more’, is a diktat Ms. Mirza chooses to ignore, but really, this outfit could so easily go from drab to fab with just a little editing.

If it were upto me, I’d lose the beads and pick a clutch thats a tad more mellow or neutral. And, instead of denims, I’d have preferred tights and plain black peep-toe pumps or even leggings with flats for a more casual look!

The thing to remember is, pick a point of interest and stick to it! If you choose to wear big,bold and busy prints, then remember to keep everything else minimalistic and simple!

Oh, and Dia’s top totally reminds me of this silk print dress by Chloé which if you like, can buy Here!


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