Bag Spotting: The ‘Uh-Oh’ Edition

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Having spotted a Dolce and Gabbana bag on Ms. Tandon (look inside for more pics), we are rather confused.

Did we miss a press release that touted Dolce and Gabbana going the same Stella vegan route? Because if memory serves correct, didn’t miss Tandon wave a rather ominous sign at us while campaiging for PETA?

Maybe she was just carrying the bag for someone else or… either way, we aren’t judging. Do you know the amount of times we’ve changed our minds? Just today I went on a diet 3 times and then put it off 6 more times.

P.S: We aren’t trivializing what PETA stands for, just lightening up the mood for the flak Ms. Tandon is sure to get.



Raveena Tandon For PETA


Dolce And Gabbana ‘Miss Ruched’ Hobo

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. you girls are on a roll today with some witty ones.
    that has got to be the most ridiculous ads i’ve seen…is she holding a cow in one hand??

    • I guess that’s the point. The handbag says thats what remains of your handbag – a dead cow.

      As for Raveena – did she forget she made the ad now that she wants to be fashionable? As Priyanka says, go with Stella McCartney or even Matt & Nat that is now being placed as an upscale brand. There are also some options in designer brands like Marc Jacobs for faux leather bags.

  2. cute bag, though. also, if anybody is interested, matt& nat has some pretty good vegan bags – i just used one on my trip to india and it worked beautifully!

  3. That’s not an ad, that’s a picture from some promotional event (I hope)
    and PETA doesn’t force or require it’s celebrities to live with ALL it’s standars, but I would assume that Miss Non-Leather would not wear leather. Maybe it’s something that she had before- I didn’t throw out all of my wool/silk/leather things when I became a vegan, I just stopped supporting the manufacturers.
    Maybe it’s second hand? I support second hand leather, wool and silk (just because it’s almost impossible in today’s society to find good quality items without one of the three).

    • I still carry around a leather bag my mom gave me 4 yrs ago. I want to stop carrying around leather bags and i keep trading for faux leather but i keep coming back to this bag.

      Because i couldnt find a decent non-leather bag, i have not shopped for a bag in 6 months!!!

  4. Ah hypocrisy! The real sin I think is the flowery flip-flops in the first pictures.
    I am really confused about the PETA picture. What does it say in hindi on the sign/bag? Also is that actually a PLUSH dead cow she is holding?? I mean I’m pretty sure a real dead cow might be a tad heavy to brandish in that threatening way…

  5. the bag is OK, Raveena has a beautiful face. I guess she has been offered a wholesale discount on the satin pants, she has them in every color. They look awful and she needs to invest some money on buying better shoes. I do like her white sandals, but white sandals with a pair of satin brown pants?

  6. maybe she bought the bag before she campaigned for the PETA…personally I’d prefer my fashion without animal cruelty..have you all seen the video in china about fur?…completely shocking…

  7. good catch here. Confuses me as well. Don’t know what to think as I am a big fan of Raveena Tandon. There surely must a be reason or rationale behind it.

  8. This is what happens when you take a self obsessed has been and have her appear in an ad that is all about compassion. PETA may not require its stars to adopt their standards. But how low of them to use PETA to further their own ends.


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