Ranveer on L’Officiel: (Un)Covered

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Ranveer graces the cover of L’Officiel’s February issue and boy, was it a striking one. The actor not only dons a bow shirt (Gucci) but also dares to wear a septum chain ring from Amrapali’s Chandrika collection.

Any other actor and I would be like WTHeyyy but here, I love it. Probably because the man pulls it off. I am curious to know how many of you disliked his styling here.

P.S. It’s a bummer we don’t see more of Smita on the cover. The woman is a hottie and deserves her own solo one! She is also wearing Amrapali jewellery.


Ranveer Singh and Smita Lasrado on L’Officiel Feb 2016

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Woo hoo.

    There are others who could pull it off too. But this guy has so mcuh personality! Even the shirt is pretty feminine – soemthng you would see on Lady Mary in Downton Abbey 🙂

  2. I just hope this style doesn’t catch up with common men around.the men as it is roam around with earstuds…ewwww…

    Why does he remind me of that guy from movie “300”

  3. And he looks absolutely scorchingly masculine in such a look. I am amazed by this man. Who would believe he is the same actor who played Bajirao the Warrior?!

    • Ranveer’s on the cover (story) of Caravan magazine for February, in case you’ve not seen already 😉

      P.S. – Enjoying reading your comments on rangan’s blog and here…

      • Sup, Your comment made me google The Caravan magazine (so glad I did) –> read a few lines about it –> subscribed for the current issue as well. They have a new subscriber because of you. 😀 😀 Thanks!

  4. Ranveer Singh is the best thing that has happened to male fashion in Bollywood in a LONG time! I agree with your analysis– it’s his personality that makes this look a winner.

  5. Seems inspired by Jaden Smith’s recent photoshoots in female garb. I remember Akshay Kumar donning a nose ring for a photoshoot ages ago. Ranveer does carry it off.

    • “Gender identity crisis”? Nobody has problems with Kangna, Deepika, etc. wearing pant suits, but a man wearing jewelry is cause for so much concern? The message you’re sending girls is that women’s attire is inherently inferior and only gender confusion could drive a man to adopt it.

  6. How in all the world does he manage to look this smoking sexy dressed in a pussy bow blouse?!? This man is gorgeous and the most fearless male fashionista. Most of all i love that he does not take it all much to seriously and realizes it is all about having fun!

  7. love him! the no inhibitions man… so comfortable with his feminine… masculine… side,, bloody all all sides lol 🙂 love his sense of comfort in his own skin his ability to laugh at himself..free spirited man!! muah!!


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