Ranveer and Vaani on Bazaar Bride; (Un)Covered

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Although their movie Befikre doesn’t come out till early December, Ranveer and Vaani feature on Bazaar Bride’s Oct edition with the former wearing Gucci and the latter a La Perla bodysuit with a Dior jacket.

At first glance, I thought this was another leading man accompanied by a model cover. It’s only after I read the text that noticed that was Vaani. πŸ˜›

Are you loving the cover?

Catch their interview and shoot inside.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. i think it’s very unfair that they put Vaani in a lingerie and Ranveer in a suit; actually, doesn’t gel together on the cover. ranveer should have been in negligee as well πŸ˜›

    • +10000! It is is possible for a woman to look both classy and sexy in this type of outfit. Sadly she doesn’t look either. They should have got someone else.

  2. I do like the second pic (on the stairs). The cover…a little too risquΓ© for my taste, especially because it is a cover. That said Ranveer looks yummy.

  3. Nice makeup and at least its not another bride in a lehenga.

    The photo is terrible though. Where does Ranveer’s left hand end? And is she sat on his shoulders? Just looks v awkward.

  4. It looks good.. interesting. But ranveer takes the show ..
    Also P&P plz feature Karena and Karishma’s photo shoot. They look smoking ..

  5. I’m disappointed in the posture / posing. Does the magazine really need to stoop this low and entice readers with vulgarity / erotica? Vaani is better than that. Another display of women as a seductive object. Yeckh.

    • Can’t believe this is Harpers Bazaar magazine. If this was maxim or Gq then such a cover makes sense. Vaani looks tacky not sexy.

  6. A veil with indian style jewellery with a bathrobe kinda thing falling off.Her hand looks scarily pasted on his shoulder…..The only thing that would have saved it would have been some chemistry…..if it existed.Very ummmmm…..don’t know..don’t want to know

  7. Why didn’t they make Vaani look at the camera on the cover photo? They wanted her to be the coy bride with the “hot body” in a “bold” pose??
    Tasteless cover !!

  8. Ranveer looks amazing of course. But any particular reason Vaani is letting all hang out while Ranveer is covered up? Is that what brides are supposed to do?

  9. What is prudish about calling this cover vulgar? It does look cheap. If you like it go ahead and like it, nobody is stopping, but others can find it cheap.

  10. I like everything except the pose.. even one leg over his shoulder would’ve looked better..
    this reminds me of manspreading… or rather woman-spreading.. both uncool.


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