The Jumpsuit Saga

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If you thought Rani Mukherjee’s love-affair with jumpsuits just started this year, think again! The actress actually wore her very first one way back last year in Toronto.

Each of her of looks always went wrong for one reason or the other. The first blue one was too flared, the olive green ones didn’t work because of the chunky shoes and we don’t have to point out what went wrong with the Sabyasachi appearance now, do we?

This one was the best of the lot but still such an almost. If the jumpsuit was completely black without the snake-print waist detail, we’d have loved the look but as is that rope belt on top of the waist detail looks very off.

Wonder how many more wrongs are we going to have to go through to finally see that one right one! Something tells us though, this is the best we’ll ever see.

Rani Mukherjee at Neeta Lulla Show at LFW Winter Festive 2010

Extreme Left: Dil Bole Hadippa Press Meet, Toronto
Left: Sabyasachi Store Launch, Mumbai
Right: Peepli Live Music Launch, Mumbai
Extreme Right: Sabyasachi Couture Show, Delhi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Filmicafe, Daylife

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  1. Agree with your comments on the latest appearance. But from what i see, the blue, olive green and grey appearances look pretty decent. Thats including hair and make up.

  2. she looks gohjuss at the peepli live music launch! she looks taller, slimmer — maybe it’s the angle of the pic — but even her hair and accessories look good!

  3. she looked perfect at Peepli Live Music Launch and if you think that she isn’t looking good even there than i doubt your fashion sense…but honestly she doesn’t look bad in all these appearances except in the black one….and com-on she has worn only four jumpsuits not forty and you are calling it an love affair.

  4. I agree.she is stunning in blue..that is her best size and outfit. On other photos, her clothes are quite ugly plus she clearly wears black when she is overweight..she needs to shed some pounds.

  5. i actually checked out your blog for the first time when i read rani’s quote promoting your blog..and now im hooked. since she is a fan of yur sure she will make note of all the fashion criticism and we shall find her getting it often as sophie does!

  6. Oh deemelinda rest assured after your comment, rest assured the people who run this blog will suddenly find it within themselves to be less critical of Rani’s outfits…a belt over the waistband is what doesnt do it for them! Seriously.

  7. O boy Rani’s obession with jumpsuits, well it doesn’t work for her. Women with shorter legs should avoid jumpsuits. this look only seems to flatter tall ladies [ Priyanka Chopra for example ].

    Seriously, Rani is a talent & beautiful but has no style. She needs to hire a stylist quick!

  8. She looks great in all of them!
    What is wrong with you guys lately? Vidya Balan in that tantrik baba outfit was good for you and now Rani here looks bad?
    She looks FABULOUS in that blue jumpsuit — and don;t mind the rest of them as well!

  9. With the size she has in the blue photo, she can then wear any colors she wants and more fitting kind of clothes..Greenish/gray is a boring color, plus it does not fit her that well..She should opt for more colorful options, light blue, yellow,. Plus, she should mix colors more…
    Same color top and bottom (like on the above pics) only works when clothes are more fitting as the eye can look for some “entertainment” beyond the colors, i.e. in the curves. blue picture above is a great example. In the black pictures, there are no curves, no colors, only a white belt… which looks like a rolled up apron btw.


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