Rani In Anuradha Vakil

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Spotted Rani in a pink Anuradha Vakil sari and looking lovely! Thankfully, she didn’t have to wear her Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic outfit to this event!

ranihema.JPG ranihema1.JPG
Rani at Hema Malini’s Natyavihar Kalakendra
Lakme Fashion Week, 2003

P.S. Dont miss Sonam wearing a blue/green version of the salwar kameez here.


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  1. I like the fact that she wore the saree conservatively for a cultural dance event. Cant say that all have the same sense of ettiquiette!!

  2. Rani has gained a lot of weight…glad she chose the saree…the stripes make her look taller and have a slimming effect.. (I know she is wearing heels too) but still…

    now, is that Esha Deol to her right in the pic on the right? I like Esha’s suit and her footwear too!

  3. I don’t think she looks heavy at all. She is on the short side so even 5 pounds extra weight shows on her. But she really looks good! I would know, I have a similar body type.

  4. i dont like the way she looks or the saree at all..reminds me of some kind of wrapping paper you get in the stores in india!!

  5. I want that Sari … its beautiful !! and OMG , How lovely is she looking .
    I love Rani … Shes carrying it with lot of grace and dignity .

  6. she looks ok..not soemthing I would swwon over
    I think the horizontal sttripes make her look wider
    I could be biased though, I’m not a big Rani fan

  7. I love lehariya (that’s the tie-and-dye stripes, for those who may not know). And while I’m not wild about the saree, I generally love Anuradha Vakil’s work: Really appreciate the way she uses traditional arts and crafts in her designs.

  8. Rani honey, please just stick to wearing indian clothes. you can pull them off soooo much better than the western (thinks back to her brother’s serial launch where she wore that hideous grandma shirt, and then i think the premiere of some movie where she wore black dress with netting at the top etc etc)

    and ahaha simran! the wrapping paper IS true!

    but i like this on her. yay! finally rani makes a good choice after a string of bad ones


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