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At the premiere of Mardaani in Poland, Rani sure made us do a double take. Scratch that, she made me fall off my chair!

The actor donned a super chic look in a black Burberry sheath dress and jacket that was finished out with sexy Zanotti sandals and a black studded clutch.

What really made this look standout though was the hairdo. Loved it.

P.S. At first glance it seemed like she was wearing a triple strap sandal but on closer inspection, you’ll notice she’s wearing a black thread (a religious thing) on one of her ankles.


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Rani Mukherjee at Mardaani Poland Premiere


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  1. Wowza.. This is the best I remember her in western.
    Honestly this is kind of what happened with Deepika in Cocktail and then no turning back. Perfect styling. I wonder if there is hope for Madhuri.

  2. That’s all we need to look effortlessly chick . A fit body , nice fitting dress, coordinated accessories and decent hairstyle . A smile to top it all 🙂

  3. Totally love the burberry sheath dress ! She’s perhaps rocking the luk ! A welcome change after loadz of ‘manly’ appearances she made for the promotions of mardani !

  4. Why don’t I like her in Western wear. The outfit is awesome. .. But rani just pulls off Indian. . Western isn’t her thing. .. Sadly… it comes across as so wannabe. . Behenji turned mod kinda vibe. ..

  5. Wow – talk about a turnaround. She looks great. Giving attitude – like a boss!! We knew she had it in her… now I hope she makes more frequent appearances with this kind of attitude and looks.

  6. Whoa! What an about-turn! She looks good, although I dislike the footwear – too match-matchy. Prefer something sleeker like a sling-back – that would also giver her a longer line of leg. Love the hair.

  7. Love it minus the ankle black band of course. Brings down the look. Good to see that she’s gotten over the euphoric ‘just married’ looks that she had started favouring.

  8. Now THIS .. THIS is AMAZEBALLS! I don’t remember the last time she looked this … SEXY … composed … striking … AMAZEBALLS! keep it this way rani … you look effing amazing!


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