An Almost

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Almost. Almost. Almost.

Rani Mukherjee looked great at Sabyasachi‘s store launch/opening. That is, until you reached the shoes. What a way to kill the look.


Rani Mukherjee

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. yep! what are those ghastly shoes, they make her look like she has two left feet 🙂

    Otherwise the look was quite nice actually.

  2. OMG that’s just what happened, I scrolled down and the shoes dissapoint 🙁
    She looks fab head to ankles haha the colour really looks good on her.

  3. Seen Rani on this blog after ages so will forgive her for the shoes. At least its an “almost” and not a “WTHey”…LOL
    She does look nice though.

  4. She is so pretty. Love the makeup, so natural and lovely. Did her hair just grow a lot over the past few months, or are those extensions? Either way, she’s lovely. Who cares about the outfit or the shoes, I just love seeing her after a long time.

  5. Happy to see Rani after so long. It’s almost nice to see someone who is a little fashion clumsy but looks real and not like she copied every single item straight from a magazine or a HW celebrity.

    • u got it wrong Tina dear…The same Olive green jumpsuit was sported by kourtney kardashian,, that too just a day b4….I guess bollywood definetly draws an inspiration from the west..But Rani is just cute…

  6. HATE IT
    The design makes her look stumpy (torso > legs) not good
    Shoes – Less said the better
    Hair and makeup is too Glam & dressy for such a casual outfit and occasion!

  7. I like the color of the tan belt against her olive jumpsuit and that’s it. She doesn’t need all that makeup, and are those extensions? She’s Rani Mukherjee; she doesn’t need to go that horrid boob-framing-curls (curls-framing-boobs? lol) route! It’s also bothering me that her shoes and belt clash horribly.
    That said, Rani does look good. As always.

  8. Its so hard to believe that’s actually rani mukherjee….never seen her like this before….but i have to say its such a relief…..I was beginning to think her wardrobe consisted only of boring salwars and sarees…lets over-look the shoes and give her some credit for her effort at sprucing-up….

  9. The colour looks great on her and she carries the outfit well!! I am looking fwd to one day soon (hopefully) seeing her wedding pictures…she will look fantastic!

  10. yey!!!1 rani!!! havnt seen rani for some time! she has such a pretty face. but no to the jumpsuit and to the shoes!
    she looks so good though

  11. She looks so.. good and is a different look. I know she almost ruined it with the ghastly shoes but will forgive given that she’s tried something new

  12. I hate the outfit and those extensions as well! Jumpsuits are generally quite hideous – I don’t see why they’ve become all the rage. Plus, I don’t think this outfit suits Rani one bit. Like they say, it’s wearing her instead of the other way around.

    • I think that’s her real hair. I remember seeing it straight at someones wedding pics a while ago and it was that length.. I think it’s grown pretty fast. Doesnt look extension-y to me at all.

      Love Rani, such a breath of fresh air.. That smile!! I think if the belt was placed slightly higher, the length of the jumpsuit a bit shorter and some gladiators, it woulda looked so much better.
      But, this is Rani and we can forgive silly mistakes as she is just a legend.

  13. yeaaaaaa shes back!! And at a sabya event! woo hoo – Never felt Vidya or Ash… Rani is the bes sabya sidekick.

    Loving her look too!

  14. when i started from the top of the head… good 🙂 and smiling 🙂
    yet that smile kept disappearing as i scrolled down to the rest of the pic.
    but then again – rani and bad shoes have a loooooooooooong history!!!

  15. Not a nice way to kill my comment PCC but i still think the shoes look good with the outfit for Rani. It is not easy for short people to carry off jumpsuits but she does it with ease because she wore heels this time. She is doing a little matchy matchy effect with the belt and shoe color but the look works.

  16. She looks Stunning! Green suits her very well! Her Hair is W-o-W! These are not extensions, she has loong hair for a loong time now!! anyway, Great to see her back! 🙂


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