1. Sigh blazer length issues for petite folks. It really messes up the proportions and makes her look shorter. And definitely replace those wierd pants with a classic denim. I do like her shoes tho.

  2. Seriously? Made it work? How?! First of all, those are horrible pants! Then that jacket with those earrings and those pants – all screams cheap! I actually feel bad for the Gucci bag – such a beautiful bag stuck with an ugly outfit :/

  3. Shop for this look? Like seriously anyone wants to look like this train wreck. Designer clothes from head to toe still looks so low end.

  4. Made it work? Puhlese she looks like she came out of a Bollywood Matrix Remix with those colorful shades and long coat that’s swallowing her and that bag ugh she needs a stylist badly. Smh.

  5. Did you guys just approve this look? I’m sorry I usually don’t agree on things with you guys but I take that as personal preference. But last time I checked this IS a FASHION blog correct? I can’t believe you guys think she made this look “work”


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