Doing Denim

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Reaming their denims with designer logos, both Rani and Shibani stepped out in Mumbai recently. Can’t say their personal style speaks to me. Do you feel differently?

Rani Mukerji (Left) And Shibani Dandekar

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. It’s possible that they didn’t care about the paps and just wanted to be comfortable. That probably explains the atrocious clothes on their persons.

  2. I might get eye rolls for saying this, but Rani actually looks cute in a clueless kind of way.
    Apart from those shoes, I’d wear everything else she has on – that tshirt is so early 90s and such retro colours, I love it lol

    As for Shibani, I’m speechless.
    I’m guessing this is her post-Holi shower look?
    There is no other explanation :-S
    The fact that she has spent lakhs on what looks like export surplus stuff which can bought for 200 bucks at Fashion Street just adds to my shock.

  3. Rain has every brand available her closet but has no idea how to put it together…not a good least Shibani has shied away from her shrivelled look

  4. When everyone termed Shibani’s looks homeless, I wanted to be kind and called her unfinished.

    But here there is nothing else to describe her – homeless.

    And Rani – clueless – she never gets her westerns right.

  5. They are both true to their style I guess.
    Shibani is perpetually in frumpy outfits with an “I don’t care” vibe.
    And Rani is in a “I can’t style non-ethnic outfits, but here’s another one anyway” vibe.


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