In July Issue


Wearing a crop top and pants from July Issue, Rakul attended promotions for her movie on Friday. Considering the separates are meant to be casual, wearing the pants with heels, just throws off the vibe. Also, the pink doesn’t really pop here. A more vibrant color combo would’ve worked better.


Rakul Preet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. That’s not a crop top. Its a glorified bra. I feel sorry for her to wear something that ugly and bare to an event. Whatever happened to normal clothes ?

  2. The lady shows up at an event wearing a bra and you guys are worried about the color of the outfit and her shoes?

    • Yes because PnP haven’t yet jumped on the HAWWW JIII bandwagon. Their moderating skills and claims of building a community where only fashion and style are discussed seem very contradictory though and they might join all of you in exclaiming HAWW JII soon. In which case, this group would be no different than me sending pics of Bollywood actresses to a WhatsApp group of older aunties and uncles!! Exciting!!!

    • Really? She wore a crop top (or a bra) to one event and you’ve decided she’s an attention seeking wannabe? Do you judge women only by the their clothes or are there other metrics?

  3. Sorry. This looks bad. She used to be a good dresser with a good sense of style.
    Wonder if she changed stylist for this movie promotion since it’s her first Bollywood debut et al.

  4. This is what amar chitra kawtha used to draw on Rambha’s and Maneka….. celestial nymphs in kachuli.
    Now if that is what one wants to emulate …..that too at an event …….

  5. Seriously, this is something to wear to the beach with a big floppy hat. It would just about be ok then. There’s something so ridiculous about wearing a bra with pants as a legit ‘going out outfit’ to a film promotion. You can see the awkwardness writ large on Rakul’s face.

  6. That’s not a crop top. Only becoz it matches the pants doesn’t make it a crop top…!
    That’s a bra..!!!
    And you are right wearing it will heels makes it even worse. If she would hv had some casual shoes on May be it would have been ok.
    still a big MAY BE .., but as is , this doesn’t work.

  7. She would fit right in at the SOTY2 promotions. That is no crop-top. Lets call it what it is – a strapless bra with pj pants.



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