Well Suited?

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Three men, three very different takes on the suit. I’d ask who was your favorite but something tells me I already know the answer! 😉

Left: Narendra Kumar Ahmed At Making The Cut Bash
Centre: Rahul Bose At Oxfam India Event
Right: Govinda At Country Club Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. haha. most of us here are gonna say Rahul Bose – there’s something so magnetic about the man, much like his namesake Rahul Khanna. He looks the best of the 3 here, but i am not digging the snug fit of his pants.

    • Well, Govinda was always known to be quite a contrast in his real-life to his reel-life yellow pants persona. He would never be seen in anything like that beyond the screen.

  2. well with no doubt its Rahul, he has a certain charm that just draws you towards him & it doesnt matter what he wears lol.. ok so you get the idea that i’m biased 😛

  3. Delish Delish Rahul. 🙂 What a charmer of a smile, that?

    I prefer suits which fit to perfection. Govinda lost it with the slightly loose and casual tie.

  4. usually it would be Rahul hands down (the man defines “dapper”) but not liking the fit of his trousers at all so this round goes to……..GOVINDA!!!! (promptly swoons at the idea of him winning a style face-off)

  5. i guess the first thought for most would be rahul bose, but there is something so wrong with his pants… why is it so snug??
    i never thought i would hear myself say this but Govinda’s suit is so much better in comparison.

  6. Although I like Rahul Bose (wondering if he is gay? Not that it matters…), Govinda wins hands down. He looks great. NEVER thought I’d say this though 🙂


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