1. I just don’t understand all this dumping on Sonali (especially the vicious snark she gets from the losers at Bombaybitch).

    She’s gorgeous, extremely talented (all of the current top divas put together do not have the acting chops of Sonali), and honestly cares two hoots about how she dresses.

    That’s just how she is – dressing’s really not her priority, and she’s not morbidly obese, in fact, she’s not even overweight. She’s just fine, so people just lay off.


  2. yeah! I agree. Enough of sonali bashing!
    Many times she is just normally dressed- may not be very perfect bollywood girl types but not trashy either. So just let her be.


  3. ah damn. this is a FCUK dress. Rs 4500. I so badly wanted it and now that I’ve seen her in it.. maybe not.

    @P&P – may I?! I know this is your role but its annoying to see those comments.

    Sonali – *is* fat by current bollywood standards. One could debate it here but then this really isnt the space to talk about health and body image issues.
    And neither is the place to discuss her talent. Its about her dress sense – which honestly – sucks!

    One assumes everyone knows they’re coming here to talk dress sense – not acting talent.




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