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Radhika has been busy promoting her upcoming movie wearing crop tops and pants to a few and dresses to others. Of them all, liked the polka dot crop top and pants the most here. You?

Radhika Madan
Center: In July Issue
Right: In Rebel

Left: In Flirtaious & Madison
Right: In Jaywalkin and Bershka

P.S: Please continue being cautious, double mask and get vaccinated when able to. Stay safe and well!

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. My favourite look is the yellow dress. I want to like the floral dress look but really distracted by the oversized shoes. The worst is the black bra top….what is that?

  2. Why is everything 2 sizes too small? And what is even that black “crop top” with the underboob? The white strappy heels are 3 sizes too large. Does her stylist hate her? Sigghhhhh.

  3. Don’t like any of the “looks”. First few are too teensy, uninspiring and last outfit is total WTHey! I did enjoy her work in saand ki aankh!

  4. Radhika looks pretty, despite the outfits not working at all.

    And we have Bella Hadid and Mirror Palais (brand) to thank for that weird black bra top thing.

  5. First one (baby blue) is too teensy, not sure why the 2nd one doesn’t work for me, 3rd pattern is pretty but ruined by the shoes and also just a bit of length would have been nice.
    I like the polka dot crop top with that pair of pants – she looks amazing in it.
    The last one is awful – please don’t normalize an underwire bra as a top!
    Extremely pretty girl, in great shape obviously.

  6. The last top looks even worse in videos. Even with very obvious intent of showing boob, it for some reason diminishes the womanly curves. Strange and very unappealing outfit.

    • Yeah.. the high waisted pants and highly cropped top are showing ribs instead of waist.. waist gives a feminine look.. aka the saree..

      it is is giving a very androgynous look.. only not 10% as cool.. I love androgynous but this is clearly not intending to be that and falling here nor there.. just falling flat on the face.

      top 3 looks I have no comments on.

  7. The black top pic is a wardrobe malfunction. Is that her hand from behind ?Radhika doesn’t need such wannabe clothes. She acted well in her serial and few movies.


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