Yellow Vs Yellow!

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Which of these two ladies brightens up the do with their yellow ensemble? Or, do we just love em both!


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  1. Rags wins with her yellow rages…no amount of riches can make Queenie a royalty…she should port an IV bottle instead of a clutch. She positively looks anorexic!

  2. Epiphany, Rageshwari first came to fame with her pop album “duniya” watch it on youtube… its my fav till date… since then she has been hosting various television shows and acted in 1-2 movies…

  3. and then strayed, not before hubby tho’ only diff he did it with a nobody she with a freinds hubby and in true Indian style we make her a scapegoat and give yards of bad press and Mr. gets off with nothing…I love a fighter and thats what she is….

  4. I love Raageshwari no doubt. unbelievable clean style. Like I have said before, no cleavage, no skin, no drama, and still we stare at her. Can someone pass me her address or email ???


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