In Naeem Khan?

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Is Raageshwari in Naeem Khan or in an incredibly good reproduction of Naeem Khan?

The latter is our pick!

raageswari_dance_with_joy.JPG raageswari_dance.JPG
Raageshwari, Dance With Joy Event
Naeem Khan, Spring 2008


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  1. I remember Alicia Keys wearing the original one n it lukd amazing, dis one’s gud too, she sure luks nice bt em all for brighter hues;)

  2. I think the beige looks more classy. Men love beige. All you women dress in pink thinking we love it, no we don’t ! We love beige, black and white. Beige rocks ! Raags rocks !

  3. I love both. very very nice gown. I know Rageshwari. I dont know the other model. So obviously I like Rageshwari much more. is Naeem Khan Indian or pakistani ?

  4. Wow – beautiful dress but what’s up with her face in the second pic? – she looks good from a distance but close up it looks like way too much makeup/bronzer going on

  5. The original is absolutely STUNNING, and although I’m not liking the embroidery on Rag’s version as much, it still looks lovely on her and in beige!
    Yas – Naeem Khan is Indian by birth 😀

  6. Well she had paralysisde of her on one side of her face, it took her years to get over it wid treatmnt n therapy, still she hz a slur in her voice cuz of da aftr effcts n tht explains da reason behind da weeird shape of her face as well, mayb tht is y she hz evn applied more make-up


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