The Zanotti Ladies!

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Priyanka’s Zanotti’s invoked a mixed reaction from all of you but what do you think Sonali’s?

priyanka_drona_music_launch.jpg sonali_drona_music_launch.jpg

Priyanka Chopra and Sonali Bendre, ‘Drona’ Music Launch

Giuseppe Zanotti Jewel Drop Sandal
( Buy )
Giuseppe Zanotti T-Strap Sandal
( Buy )

P.S. Sorry folks, the peep-toe version ain’t available anymore and thanks to ‘amna’ for the tip-off about Priyanka.

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  1. They needed to switch shoes. Sonali looks wonderful. The dress is understated so the bling shoes would have added some punch.

    Whereas Priyanka’s dress (not feeling it on her) had so much going on that she needed simpler shoes.

  2. P&P, a couple of questions, do these celebrity shoes/sandals only come in such small sizes? I noticed this couple of times that they don’t have any size 10 or above shoes to buy online and even 9 or 9.5 is quite rare. Of course I understand it’s not an average size of shoe but still…

    That brings me to my next question. I read once that Bipasha hates having large feet (hers look like around size 10). Where does she get her shoes. I searched the archives to find whether you did any posts on Bipasha’s footwear. Couldn’t find any.

  3. the jewel drop sandals look much nicer than the peep toe ones that priyanka’s wearing. have to say priyanka’s developed into quite the savvy fashionista. she’s come a long way from barielly, baby!

  4. PCs shoes are not the same as the zanotti ones.. i quite like these shoes actually.. but you need pretty thin feet to carry it off.. sonalis hair is awesome

  5. Priyanka’s dress = fab.
    Not digging the shoes. Either pair. Why are people swooning over them anyway?
    And Sonali’s bag has enough bling on it to light up a small nation.


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