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Ms. Chopra dons an all-black look for her most recent appearance, wearing a mini dress with a lace-up neck detail with lace-up heels. I wish she had chosen a different dress to wear with those heel which aren’t bad but are nothing compared to the Givenchy wedges I have been lusting over for a long while now!

What do you think about Priyanka?

Catch more of Ms. Chopra from the event at ‘The Gallery’.


Priyanka Chopra at Nokia Phone Launch


Left And Centre: Priyanka Chopra At Nokia Phone Launch
Right: Zara Strappy Sandals


Givenchy Lace-Up Wedges


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  1. She looks good acctually… the hair and makeup is somehow much better..even though it doesn’t seem too different. I am not sure if i like the givenchy wedges.. the ones she is wearing look fine

  2. The shoes are wonderful. But Priyanka is a bore now in her standard mini dress.

    The dress looks ill fitting or maybe it is her posture. She really needs to do something about her hair. In close up pictures the hair looks dead – bad coloring and fried. Plus the colored contacts have got to go.

    She used to look better before her ‘sexy’ transformation.

  3. she looks better than her other appearances in terms of tamed hair and makeup

    but otherwise, the same ol boring stuff.. yawnn

  4. i do not care for the big pockets on her dress, like the shoes. her hair does look fried, she had such beautiful hair in mujse shadi K. time to take a break from the flat iron and what is with the red color, it looks terrible.

  5. Agreed I hate the contacts.. they’re even ruining her eyes apparently she has some kind of eye problem at the moment but” because of continuity shots” in her movies she’s going to have to suffer for her art. Don’t know why she’s wearing them to the press conference though… Neway.. I LOVE THE SHOES! I love her shoes.. wayy more than the Givenchy ones. Gosh her’s are hot.. me want! 🙁 Have u guys been following her on twitter?

  6. I always wondered who has the time and patience to camp outside of sample sales and Barney’s during shoe sales, waiting for the door to open? Now I believe PnP do so.
    You guys have so many items on your lust list, have you bought anything yet? At least one item? These shoes on your list must be about $1000.
    Or are you guys millionaires by night who blog during the day?

  7. this girl is so BLAH! it’s almost getting to annoy me. granted, she is pretty, but not the type that one would give a second glance at. there’s nothing refreshing about her looks or style, she just always appears overly processed. this may offend some, but honestly whenever i see her, i feel like she belongs more to television than the glitterati of bollywood. there is nothing ethereal about her.

  8. “annoy me”
    “i feel like she belongs more to television than the glitterati of bollywood”
    this says something about you.

    “she is pretty, but not the type that one would give a second glance at”
    ahum, she was Miss World in 2000 and what was I proud of her! still am. she was so not the kind of person that would say things like above here.

    and now i am very curious: what are indian television programmes are all about? and why do some indian people need stereotypes? what are they afraid of?

    p.s. not affended

  9. Priyanka consistently looks good.. the short dresses are so her, and the signature full head of hair. Many actresses try the supershort look, and end up looking cheap. PC works it, and I love the shoes. Me like!

  10. I like the dress, LOVE the givenchy wedges. But I won’t be able to afford them in this lifetime 🙁
    Do NOT like her, or her hair or anything about her, actually. She makes that dress look ordinary and boring.


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