Priyanka Chopra: Car and Biker Chic?

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Inspired by the awards or not, this outfit we thought instead of being ‘fashion-forward’ was more ‘fashion-victim’. As separates, they might have worked but together they are too overwhelming.

Your thoughts?

P.S. Doesn’t the floral pattern remind you of Preity’s Galliano jacket? You can see a more casual biker chic look on Soniya Mehra here.

P.P.S. This might be a Raakesh Agarvwal creation.


Priyanka Chopra at NDTV Profit’s Car and Bike Awards

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  1. is it just me or does her makeup and hair make PC look very much like Aish in the first picture?

    not liking the outfit too much… maybe it would have worked better if it was in some exciting color?

  2. while i like her hair here, i agree both the jacket and the pants together is too matchy match and over the top..and i like the fact that it’s black and leathery and there is still that flowery pattern, but when the whole outfit is like that, it just doesn’t work…even if she had worn the black jacket and plain black pants it would’ve worked better…

  3. WOAH ! =O

    Priyanka sure has some guts to wear this look & I’m still in love with those shoes which I may suspect that they’re by Zanotti. I do love the makeup & the way she’s experimenting with her hair now. Even her lipstick & nails are impressive. But wished she’d skip those dazzling earings. Though, I give her props for dressing according to the occasion & she does make this look work & I’m extremely jealous of her body.

  4. The whole biker chic effect was great until I saw those earrings . Love the black smokey eyes. But isnt the hair poof sooooooo 2007. Kareena did it and now Priyanka too !

  5. Well, this outfit affirms that Priyanka has a KILLER body. I love the smoky makeup and hair, and I think that if she had paired skinny jeans with the jacket, she would have looked fierce.

    I do think that studs or more subtle earrings would have been a better choice.

  6. flower print on jacket is fine, but trousers is taking it too far, agree with ZARA, skinny jeans would have worked better, or just plain leather.

    hair, make-up fine (very kareena!) and earrings no no!

  7. The hair,makeup and earrings are red-carpet worthy and she looks gorgeous. But it doesn’t gel with the rest of the outfit. I’m glad her hair is growing out. She looks fabulous.

  8. i agree with ZARA and Tanika some how this looks works for her or more like she makes it work and is lookin FIEEEEEEERCE but yea its kinda tacky but lovin the eyes and hair on HER! 😀

  9. I give her props for trying something very different .. but I agree the whole thing is too matchy matchy. I think that jacket with skinny jeans would’ve looks way better! At least she’s not pulling a Vidya Balan – always in a white salwaar kameez!

  10. think about it. Fast Cars and the Racy outfit ……….go quite hand in hand.
    She is dresses aptly for the occasion . And she sure does have the guts to carry this outfit.
    Like it and Like her saucy fetching look…

  11. It looks like …I actually really like it, but this would make more sense if it were just a movie costume. Honestly i’d see no point wearing it as separates b/c it does look great together, so save it for your next production, PC!

  12. The only thing that works on her is her eye-makeup. Top and bottom (pants) floral are over-doing it, she could have gone with another color on pants or the reverse, top change and worn pants. Sometimes trying too hard to be different doesnt work. She needs a good designer to choose the colors to match her skin tones and her body frame.

  13. I think if there were an Indian version of CatWoman- she would be it!!! I think the makeup and hair is fab on her.
    only…perhaps she should’ve lost the curtain patterned wanna-be rocker chick look! maybe take a hint from rihanna next time ms chopra!

  14. I have to say i love it!
    It’s takes real guts, aaaaand it’s far cry from the stuff we saw at the Dostana and Fashion premieres.
    Particularly like the chain detail.

  15. this is the most trashy “costume” i have ever seen on her!
    reminds me of a piece from the local dress loaner @ my place we used to loan costumes for school plays

  16. Hi,
    I was browsing thru some other bolly website and came across this picture of priyanka, she seems to be wearing an Alexander McQueen cloque leather jacket and pants. Also seen on Beyonce. Now im not so sure about this but thought i should let you know so you could do your own research an enlighten us all =)
    Thanks for the great website!
    Love every bit of it!
    Keep it up

  17. looks fierce!!!! this look wud hav been liked by evry1 if she had worn it for drona (in the movie, not at its promo or premiere) !!!!! gr8 shoes and eye make-up

  18. whoever said she needs to learn from rihanna didnt seerihanna wear her leather boot pants lol.

    the earrings are OTT and so unnecessary.. but her hair and makeup looks superb!!

  19. oh dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. this just made me laugh so hard! its unbelievable how big a fashion victim she is! those pants are sooo awful.. i cant even begin to explain it! ughh
    and true to priyanka’s style, she had to add some bling to her outfit and hence the completely out-of-place earrings!
    she also needs to get out of prom queenish hair mode ASAP!

  20. I know a guy who wears a very very similar jacket.. I have yet to get enough courage to tell him what I really think of it..

    Hers is a bit acceptable.. and I do think she looks lovely.. maybe a little bit of mix and match would work..


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