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Both Kareena and Priyanka carry Gucci bags in their upcoming movies and while we aren’t particularly fond of the Gucci ‘Indy’ seen on Kareena, at least it was in leather. We’ll take plain leather over ugly logo fabric any day!

P.S. Considering Kareena’s BFF Amrita has the same black Indy (see here), wonder if Ms. Kapoor borrowed this one.


Left: Kareena Kapoor in ‘Main Aurr Mrs Khanna’
Right: Gucci Indy Bag


Left: Priyanka Chopra in ‘What’s Your Raashee’
Right: Gucci Boston Bag

PriyankaChopra.org, KareenaK.Net

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  1. Ok, i have to be the nosy jane and ask this…
    Kareen wears this huge diamond ring in her left hand that can not be mistaken for anything other than wedding ring (it even has a wedding band)
    I actually went back and looked at all of Kareena’s pic in HHC and she has it on in most of it… What’s up with that?

  2. “plain leather over ugly logo fabric” PETA is going to so come behind you.

    this might be your personal opinion, but when you are running a public forum, it has its repercussions.

    • weeeeeeeell…I’m a member of PeTA (I got stickers today YAY!!!) and I have to say that the ugly logo fabric has leather in it too. Either way, neither of the bags are vegan. P&P have been promoting leather bags FOREVER (Birkin/ Bottega anyone??) and although I disagree, I’m not going to be the one sending them hate-mail over it.

  3. I disagree BIG time; I will take Priyanka’s Bag over Kareena’s ANY day, there is a certain sophistication and class attached to the Gucci Boston Bag as opposed to the UGLY Indy.

  4. pnp please tell me why you guys find bags with logos on it so bad? i agree that some are extremely ugly, but sometimes they look perfectly fine.

    i guess, to alot of people, if they spend thousands on bags, i’m sure they don’t mind flaunting it a little bit telling everyone oh yes this is designer? and dont tell me oh that’s such a “new rich” thing to say..

  5. I agree with Fateema, some logo bags look really cute on. I personally saved up for a month and bought a gucci logo medium hobo and I just love it. I can’t afford to spend $2000 on a bag right now so I do what I can. Thanx

  6. Also, I hate logo bags…they are just tacky. For the people who think that buying the ugly logo bags is staying clear of animal cruelty- what do you think the handles and piping are made out of?????? There are plenty (though not as nearly many as I would like) of non-leather options in the market. Like, say, the Marc by Marc Jacobs that I own- P. V. C. (I was ridiculously excited).

    • I try to avoid leather as much as i can… so i buy faux leather bags. I think sometimes its more important to be a good human than be fashionable?


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