In Ronny Kobo

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Wearing a Ronno Kobo denim pant suit, Priyanka attended more promotional events for her haircare line. I am aware that boxy oversized suits are all the rage but I don’t think Ms. Chopra pulls this one off. Add to that, the hair, and it again was very hard to like this look.

Neena Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What is going on with her? It almost looks like you pick random elements and expect them to work together.
    Everything from shoes to blazer to hair is fugly.

  2. If one goes back ten years on these pages, you’ll find that PC’s style was tacky then and that continues to this date. Sure, she served up some winners during her Quantico heydays, but the last few years it’s been downhill with these downtown LA ghetto styles.

  3. I am trying so hard not be that person on the internet that says mean things so yeah nothing nice to say about this! Just so unfortunate whatever she is going for

  4. She has such great luscious hair. Why opt for ugly extensions when her own can effortlessly launch a haircare line?

    The outfit and footwear is another story altogether. Don’t get me started!

    Seems like it is going downhill from the white fiasco.

  5. She is in India to promote her hair care brand and she wants to flaunt her hair, I get that! But, her messy unruly hair (or extensions !) is totally ruining it. I don’t even want to talk about her clothes.

  6. the colour suits PC, but the forced cleavage is wthey. also dont get the oversized pant hem..why?? she can chose fantastic pant suits from some fabulous designers and this is what she picks?

  7. This forced . curated look is beyond tacky. So
    much makeup and extensions ? These outfits and styling is making her look much older , bigger and strange .

  8. I would have still looked past the outfit and styling had she not opted for hair extensions/wigs to promote her hair care brand. The irony is not lost on anyone*sigh*
    May be she should start using her products and see if they help her achieve those luscious locks.i know she has good hair don’t understand the need for a fake look!


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