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Priyanka attended the premiere of her movie The Sky Is Pink at TIFF 2019 wearing a strapless Marchesa gown with a side parted do. Having seen her do so many offbeat outfits lately, this classic gown pick did make for a welcome change. However, I think an updo would’ve worked wonders here.

What say you? Also, I don’t know about you but something about this gown is reminding me a lot of Aishwarya’s Ralph and Russo one from Cannes 2015.

Priyanka Chopra

Photo Credit: twitter

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  1. Agree with your critique. It’s not the most flattering gown for her (does nothing for her figure), but it’s a classic and it works. And yes I immediately thought of Aishwarya’s b+w Ralph and Russo gown as well – it’s the tiered skirt. Overall it’s a nice and safe look.

  2. This has to be the best outing of hers recently. This look is sexy yet dignified in all sense. With all the cleavage show and high slits ( kinda looked desperate for getting attention), I have to admit it was getting very tacky. Priyanka Chopra Jonas has knocked it out of the park with this one. Love the make up and the styling.

  3. After a long time, Priyanka looks very pretty and well dressed. I don’t mind the hair at all. An updo would have been too serious for a fun dress like this.

  4. Oh please, stop already, lets not change a thing. This is the best of so many previous appearances and sad that the safest bet looks the best.

  5. She looks great after a long long time.. the interview looks have been popping too.

    Minor gripe: Since its her first acted and produced Indian movie and the only asian movie being premiered at TIFF I wish she wore an indian designer.

    • Agree and why is tainted with the Weinstein legacy. Whatever the tabloids may say that the marchesa designers ( his wife and partner) are innocents, the fact is they weren’t. His money still powers Marchesa .

  6. Finally.. she looks confident and relaxed, sophisticated and polished – a classic movie star look.
    Please play in this zone PC. The skin show, loud makeup and wigs were too much!

  7. Wow! I can totally see Nick Jonas looking at PC Jonas and saying “Baby, I’m so happy you are mine.” <3. Priyanka Chopra Jonas looks divine.

  8. finally a stunning look. i dont care for aishwarya’s look resemblance because she is looking gorgeous and that side parted hair suits her the best

  9. This is the best she has looked in years. Finally like Priyanka the star rather than a desperate hollywood wannabe with all the skin show. Hope this trend stays!!

  10. She looks lovely. No wigs, skin show, or silly girl giggles
    Is that her actual hair I wonder? Coz if it is she just needs to keep it event after event. I love the makeup and the sheer class of the whole look.

  11. Exactly what it reminded me of. But after looking at Aish’s pics, it does look like such a lost cause. She looks great but the gown will not have any love lost in pictures.

  12. Priyanka is slaying this gown and its not an easy one to carry off by any means .. I like the hair down actually keeps the focus on the gown.. a exaggerated tight pun or ponytail might have been too much

    This woman has so much confidence/swag/ personality.. give her a bin bag and she will pull it off walking down the streets of Manhattan.. bin bag, stilettoes & her tiny puppy ofc 😀


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