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Priyanka shared a picture on Sunday on social media wearing a printed sari by Koai paired with silver bangles. Wish she had shared a few more pics of her in it.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick JOnas

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Don’t care so much for the saree but I honestly appreciate that she blacked out the background…so fed up of seeing celebrities in their fancy mansions acting like quarantine is so hard

    • @Siya I’m glad someone said it! It’s particularly bad in the South. Large, three-generation film families with their entourage of house help and chauffeurs posing in their mansions and football field sized yards preaching about staying home and “helping” with chores (I mean, it’s your damn house and family)…bleh. It’s not a crime to be wealthy but this kind of desperation is hideous.

      They look cute together. It’s kind of nice to see people dressing up in quarantine for whatever reason. How long can one live in ratty tees and PJs?

      • @Sheera I know right haha, especially the done-to-death trend of making tutorials about doing basic house chores…that most ordinary people do everyday…just goes to show how cut-off from reality they are. Anyway, good for them (and me too, no longer spending hours on the gram!)

      • Yeah, in the South the film stars have such huge mansions with acres of gardens. And they telling public how to stay at home is kind of un-relatable. But they are providing awareness to the middle class, lower middle class and poor men to help the women in their house with the house hold chores and cooking. Since this section of women are not privileged and get the burden of workload which they don’t get a break from. it’s in the benefit of such women who need concern.

  2. What I want to know is who took that pic during social isolation? Or did she get dressed up, figured out the lighting then set up a camera so it takes pics automatically, then post to insta?
    I guess all this is as much a part of her job of being a celebrity as it is mine to look put together for my meetings on zoom !


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