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Priyanka wears an ombre Shantanu and Nikhil gown for an editorial in Cine Blitz May 2009. You can also see Kareena and Diya wear a non-ombre variation here.

I have to say I think the Cine Blitz people should have used this pic below for the cover instead of the one far below…

You can see the rest of the editorial here.


Left: Shantanu and Nikhil, Chivas Fashion Tour
Right: Priyanka Chopra in Cine Blitz May 2009


Priyanka Chopra on Cine Blitz May 2009

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  1. priyanka looks gorgeoussss in the ombre dress!! the model looks funny..actually eating a meal has its positives..=P but i totally agree, that pic shoulda been on the cover, its HOT! =]

  2. yuck. What an ugly dress. I find Shantanu & Nikhil to be overrated designers, what they lack in talent and wearability, they make it up with their prices. Priyanka Chopra should really get out of her 80’s hairstyle hangover.

  3. the dress and, styling leave a lot to be desired and that Pose, it is the same on each and every cover. Why can’t they just stand up straight.

  4. You guys have always complained about Priyanka’s posture being the same on all magazine covers: one arm above her head. Now that a magazine has finally posted a different stance, you want the picture with one arm above head!

  5. YUCK! The cover is simply horrendous – where in the world is Piggy Chops? I can see her face and the front of the dress, but it looks like there forgot to put the rest of the human being’s body in there.

    Contrast with the awesome confidence in flamenco-ish-pose of the ombre dress where Priyanka OWNS the look and the dress. It doesnt look like the same person, simply because they got her individuality, her uniqueness, her spunk into the latter picture. But while shooting for the cover – they just got another weirdly thin girl in blingy clothes.

    what a difference a little courage makes to a picture.

  6. It looks like she has to go potty! lolz

    She is such a stunning woman! I thought she cut her hair real short. If not, then she should – change it up a bit! The dress is a bit gothic-looking n edgy so I like it.

  7. The cover photograph is slightly wierd.. they could have used a better picture but the rest looks fine. Not really impressed by the Shantanu and Nikhil outfit.. the red was fine but its time to do different things.

  8. The cover page posture has also been repeated by Priyanka in a lot of pics …. nothing that we have not seen before…. whereas the ombre dress pic…I have to give it to her for doing something new….that pic is impressive.

  9. As Miss Jay on America’s Next Top Model calls it, Priyanka has definitely got the “broken down Barbie doll” pose down-pat. Now, if only she could find something else to do.

    I have to say, the ombre dress is lovely, and I think she’s wearing it well. But I still want to attack her with a comb and brush.

  10. erm… she seems to be in pain on the cover…
    the other pic… <3 the dress! nice pose too… agree with you totally.. this one should’ve made cover!

  11. lol, the pose on the cover of Cine Bliz looks like she is sooo hangry and just holding on to her tummy until her lunch get there, i usually pose like that at the end of the day when I am all tired and about to go home and eat a hearty meal lol

  12. She may have won Miss World some years ago, but she’s definitely no model…i think she was going for a sexy pose on the cover, but she ends up looking constipated

    I like the other picture, but not by that much…the dress is a big puffy mess..shantanu and nikhil’s dresses are average and tacky looking

  13. Priyanka and her boring poses..its the same ones everytime! I have seen her posing like that so many times..and the outfits are pretty boring as well..I like the Shantanu & Nikhil gown but seen it twice before already..please piggy please give us something fresh!!

  14. I can’t believe people discuss Kareena’s size when Ms. Chopra looks like this! Looking malnourished is not a good look for a magazine cover. The S-N dress despite being fugly makes her look a little curvy so it makes for a decent picture. But Priyanka, please eat a sandwich.

  15. Actually boring.. and God !! This woman is going to disappear into thin air one of these days.. I didnt like Kareena when she was a size zero.. and I dont like PC now… too thin!!
    For the cover, that pose has been seen so many times .. bad blingy dress.. not good..
    The other pic .. she looks good but the dress is fugly..I agree with most here that S-N are over-rated!!
    And to PC.. please get those curves back..and a hair cut too.. u luk very good in the Nokia ad with short hair!!

  16. Lol about all the comments abt constipation & potty. Yes, she does seem to be having stomach pains on the cover picture.
    Do like the ombre gown. Should have definitley been the cover.

  17. Priyanka’s cover looks like modelling 101. Horrendous. The other photo on the other hand is GORGEOUS. She def owns that photo

  18. i never like her photoshoots coz i dont like her whatsoever!! though i just comented to say i like the first dress and the pose in the second pic is sooo pathetic!! she always has the same pose and her head to the left (from her point of view). i absolutly hate the second pose, especially on her coz she hardly has a stomach so she luks like she is in pain!!! BORING!!!


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