In Brunello Cucinelli

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Priyanka attended the premiere of The Defiant Ones in NYC on Tuesday evening wearing a Brunello Cucinelli double-breasted blazer and fringe pants. For the separates to be more effective, I thought the pants had to be just an inch shorter but frankly, I wasn’t really looking at the separates.

Her hair and makeup here was just so flawless, that is all I could stare at. She looked really good, waist up! Agree?

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  1. Yes shoulders up she looks good
    But the boobs look is getting too repetitive now. And not just the trousers but the coat also looks a size too big. It’s not a clean look unfortunately. A great hair and make up day let down by lousy fitting. Even lay people manage to avoid these glaring faults so how do the celebs end up with them at high profile events? Never understood that

  2. The make up/hair is really good. She looks great. But those pants/also the fit of the jacket is so unflattering. Dont think those pants will look good on anyone.

  3. I would have preferred a sleek, well-fitted suit rather than this slouchy outfit to go with her hair and makeup…as it stands, it’s a not quite.

  4. I had only scrolled down till her shoulders and could not stop staring! She looks AMAZING shoulders up. Sadly I did end up scrolling down and shattering the “PC is a goddess” illusion, so there’s that.

  5. The fit issues are too hard to ignore, but cannot deny that she looks superb neck up. I am glad she is trying out different things.


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