In Alberta Ferretti

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Priyanka attended Vogue Japan’s 20th anniversary party in Milan on Wednesday evening wearing a sparkly Alberta Ferretti suit with sandals. The necklace seemed a bit out of place here but overall, she looked good!

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Priyanka Chopra

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  1. I dont know what it is but this is giving me the ick feeling. She could have lost the shirt, for one. The trousers and the sleeves could have been slightly longer. And a less snug fit of the pants would have made this look bearable.

  2. The shiny plasticky suit makes her look stocky and shorter than she actually is. Maybe a longer coat and a couple of layers off the makeup would have served her better.

  3. Her tangerine power suit in NY was much better. This outfit is just bad designing right from the choice of fabric, color to fit. It makes me feel asphyxiated just by looking at it.

  4. dated hair and makeup and what an awful awful outfit. It really looks like some cheap highly industrialised plastic thats going to take ages to decompose. Why do these expensive designers make such tacky clothes and why doesn’t the world see that beside the brand name there is actually nothing to these outfits. They are literally a load of crap….
    Sorry, but these so called branded wears really rile me up! rant over…

  5. Is this what they mean when they say a confident woman can make a garbage bag look nice. This suit is entirely made of garbage bags…as for how she looks ??? Meh
    Confidence levels – full on

  6. Since when did designer wear start looking like a cheap raincoat material ?
    With all the heavy rain in mumbai been seeing a lot of 2 piece raincoats very similar to this material

  7. This looks good but the Nusrat Barucha in blue and winged eyeliner is flat? Eh?
    Maybe I’m too naive, but PC here looks so bad…that super tight blazer, the wrong footwear and the awful cut of the pants. I found Nusrat Barucha (following post) so beautiful. Did you guys mix up the critique?

  8. She’s totally out of her game lately. Hair and make up looks so dated and the outfit looks super tacky. She really needs to reassess her sartorial choices


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