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Priyanka joined Mary Kom at Think 2013 for a session discussing how grit and glamour can feed off of each other. For the session, it was a striped Gauri and Nainika dress finished out with yellow pumps.

She looked good.


Left: Gauri and Nainika, Spring 2014
Right: Priyanka Chopra at Think 2013 in Goa


Priyanka Chopra at Think 2013 in Goa

Photo Credit: Sanish Cherian Photography

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    • That is the million dollar question. She really deserves to be more pictured, she really is an international icon. Shame that the focus is only on PC! PC is werking it, but i´d love to see Mary Kom.

  1. smoky eyes at a Think Fest…really? A cool look on all other counts PC being one of those few people to be able to carry off horizontal stripes. The hair, of course, could’ve been tied back; as is, is too distracting.

  2. I am so glad she is back to the side-parting of her hair instead of the fierce middle-parting that she quite perfers. This looks so much more softer!


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