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Priyanka, who is an ambassador for the UN Global Citizen, attended the NY concert today wearing a floral dress from Fausto Puglisi with matching thigh-high boots!

Loved Loved Loved this look on her!

Priyanka Chopra at Global Citizen Concert 2017

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  1. Just the dress please. The matching boots looks so clownish. I’m just grateful she did not feel the need to wear one black boot to be an exact match.

  2. I loved it too! The costume-y-ness works because it was a concert with that kind of energy. Also, as I said earlier, it’s the hair that makes her looks! Rock on.

  3. I’d have preferred just plain red boots, but i suppose for this kind of event it’s ok to be out there! Make up on point as always!! I wish she posted close up pics of her make up and id’d all the products for us brown girls living in america!! I need to know what foundation she uses. Anyone know her make up artist?

  4. When I saw her pics on instagram it took me a while to understand what is that under the dress. I guess for a concert this looks is good but otherwise the boots are a joke.


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