Second Time Around.

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Spotted Priyanka in her Choos and a printed dress while out and about endorsing Ira Diamonds.

Its a common enough dress, have seen Malaika in it before (hers was designed by Surily Goel), but what do y’all think of the over all styling? (At least she’s stepped away from the whites and creams for this one!)

Malaika Arora, Feb 08
Priyanka Chopra, June 08


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  1. the angle of the photo is ruining this for me! PC looks so disproportionate. i THINK this is a nice dress and she has the figure to carry it off, but i can’t be sure.

  2. sorry but i think its a very long scarf or a very good nightgown.. not a fan of it.. and there are 2 edges to the thing at the back! i told u it was a scarf!!!!!

  3. There are times when I think why some of these celebs cannot come out in a simple cotton saree. It would look so elegant and definitely make a statement if done well. A saree worn well with a well cut blouse does a woman great wonders.

    Maybe its the conservative woman in me doing the talking here..

  4. i like the dress but i do not like the 2 edges to it! or the fitting around the bust either… otherwise its a good color on her… and i love love love the choos!

  5. her head is too big…not figuratively…from the picture…=)

    btw: this site is great!! u guys r doin a great job…this is the first thing i do after i get up…and go to work….and have my coffee….hehehhe…and then i check this site!! U GUYS ROCK!!!

  6. Once again, she is doing the same pose “handcuff-aound-the-hand” in the other pics from this event…not a big fan of this look…

  7. pls tell me where is that red dress from? lurve it!
    her pose is pretty awkward but the dress is so classy! pls find it yaar.. thankssss!


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