In Gauri and Nainika

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It ain’t short and it ain’t tight. By default, we like! 😉


Left: Priyanka Chopra, Tag Heuer Press Conference
Right: Gauri and Nainika, Spring 2008

priyanka-delhi-tag-heuer-priyanka.jpg priyanka-chopras085.jpg

P.S. Though the runway pic isn’t the exact dress, the gown on Priyanka is from the same collection!

Update: Added pic. Thanks ‘Tanika’
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  1. Finally she looks good and fresh in something.

    Really like the dress, very breezy 🙂

    I wish there was a full pic to see, don’t like the model version.

  2. I am sure somebody close to them or the stars themselves are reading your blog!! PriC was in her shorty dress phase and this sudden turnaround…either your blog is to blame or the winter in Mumbai ? 😉 so where was i…ya, she looks good!

  3. her hair really needs to change. i feel that even though the dress is nice, her face always looks exactly the same. she is very boring.

  4. she looks good in the dress. it’s a welcome change. i agree with ritu, her lips have gotten too blown up. unfortunately, i don’t think there’s much she can do to change her hair. in my opinion, her head is so large that this is the only hairstyle that it can accomodate.

  5. Meh… boring. She’s always seen in designer brands… sometimes I kinda just want to see her in a nice, simple outfit.

    & is it me or Piggy’s lips always look very dry?

  6. yeah she’s usually seen wearing matte lipstick, which tends to make your lips look/feel dry.

    didn’t think about priyanka’s head being too big for any other hairstyle till now. i honestly don’t get what teh big deal is with her, there’s really nothing stunning about her looks. granted, she’s not ugly, but neither is she drop dead gorgeous. pretty average, imo.

  7. yupp she looks much better than her recent appearances. it must be dostana’s influence.
    ps: i dont really like her, but she did look STUNNING in that movie! loved her clothes..

  8. @ Peach …. that’s the thing she’s an average girl with average looks with the ambition and drive to work hard and become something in life!!
    She had no filmy background and no Godfather… she started out with small roles in bad movies … but she just kept going and now SHE IS EVERYWHERE …. lol

  9. woah.. i did a double take on PC. she looks amazing and so fresh in the dress. its a wee bit long but we shall forgive her. the design suites her upper body and diminishes the width of her shoulders which used to be so evident in her figure hugging dresses. Reg her hair, yes its repetitive and though it was tiring on her short dresses, i dont think any other hair style would have complimented this dress

    @ ritu and mia- if u have noticed she has always had very large lips, right from her miss world days when she was just 18

    and @ sneha.. u need a lot more than ambition and drive to succeed in the film industry… lets not even get there…

  10. Finally PC got it right! I hope she learns that she needs to ditch those tight/short dresses and work these awesome flowy dresses. She looks gorgeous without looking overboard sexy! Love it:D

  11. I think she looks good and looks hotter nowadays. She seems like a nice and friendly person. The dress design is so so but i like the print; she could have tied the hair for a change sometimes.

  12. I think she wore something from the same collection for Femina sometime ago, paired with Prorsum bangles. The front on that dress was a bit different though.

  13. well she looks like she is in a bedsheet…thats true ritu I agree….stick to what is best on you…fitted clothes so it takes away from her big head

  14. I think she looks good in that gown, way better than those short tight dresses she has been donning of late.
    But the hair and makeup is getting very boring.

  15. my dear friends,I think these celebrity tag is a bullshit!I’ve seen many a NON-CELEBRITIES having much better dressing sense.If with a huge army of stylists behind them,they manage to look like this,they would look awful without these designer stuff and all.Hats off to all non-celebrities who look much much better than these wax dolls……..


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