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Priyanka was spotted at Mumbai airport this week wearing a silk shirt with grey biker shorts and black sneakers. Did this outfit have you scratching your head a bit, cuz it sure did have me doing it. Especially, considering Ms. Chopra is always dressed to the nines while stepping out in NY, this combo looked so so bizarre. Yes, I know biker shorts have become trendy (I still haven’t warmed up to them) but something tells me there was some kind of mistake that happened here.

Me thinks, someone forgot to pack the bottoms that go with this top. If you know the deets, drop us a mail. 😛

Priyanka Chopra

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Haha my thoughts exactly.
      I think she took casual dressing a tad too far and Anything-works-in Mumbai-becuase-my- Hollywood-agent-is-not-watching-me-like-a-hawk attitude is on full display here.

  1. Bizarre is the right word! But I aint surprised PC’s dressing offlate has been just that..bizarre & outlandish. She is coming across as a wannabe starlet every time.

  2. Maybe she got inspired by her sis in law who wears biker shorts a lot. I think she thought she could be the trendsetter for this western trend in India. But while Sophie Turner, Bella hadid types looks chic in them, PC just looks badd. I can see maybe Athiya Shetty pull it off if someone really had to wear them in India

  3. Trend or not to see how it looks without being in trend.
    Its fugly ! both the top and the shorts.
    The makeup on top is quite garish too.
    NY – Have to keep up appearances
    Mumbai – Bah !

  4. Outfit so casual ( if I can say that) giving us the “ I am chill’ attitude yet she has five layers of make up ( more like white paint) and red lipstick ! LOL
    I am no expert but her next does not match her face and so make up is bad

  5. Would love to see her in Anita dongre or other Desi boho outfits. Or even a plain salwar kameez. Always following trends can have the opposite effect sometimes and make you look like you’re trying too hard.


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