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While in Delhi, Priyanka attended promotions for DDD as well as the screening, both in looks that were rich on color. But, only one look felt like the more finished one and that would be the Beckham look. She looked fabulous in it.

The Jaising romper look was cute but with the hair being meh, the outfit felt so-so. Just me feeling that way? Priyanka seems to disagree. She liked the romper look as well.


Priyanka Chopra at DDD Screening & Promotions

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  1. The Beckham look is good no second thoughts on it but the romper look is sweet & different. She has the ideal body to wear it and does not look vulgar or tacky. Those shoes look good paired with the romper.

  2. She was sick with flu during the orange dress event. How inconsiderate of you to pass judgement on her “meh hair and so-so outfit.” Jeez girls, get over this unhealthy obsession of fashion. I mean seriously?

      • Payal, your smart-ass come-back makes no sense. I said that you are obsessed with fashion and appearances; how does that relate to your knowing whether or not she was sick?
        Anyway, I don’t comment anymore on here but just let like pointing out that perhaps you should critique more carefully?

        • Ss, you just contradicted yourself. Also, no name-calling please, we’re all adults here.

          In any case, PC’s hair looks like she spent time on it, not like she just got out of bed. So the critique is justified.

        • Why don’t other celebs get the same sympathy then? Its hard to know what is going on in someone life at all times. By your logic we should refrain from critiquing anyone because hey, “they might be sick”. This is a FASHION blog and that’s what people are here to talk about. Not how sick Priyanka is. She has stylists whose job it is to make her look good no matter what the circumstances are. And Payal made complete sense, you just didn’t get it.


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