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The opening of a lounge in Pune had Ms. Chopra in attendance where she gave us two very different looks during the course of the evening.

First, it was an Alice + Olivia dress which she paired with Aldo booties and a chunky gold bracelet. She later changed in to separates from Alexander Wang. Leaving the mesh booties on, she pulled her hair back in to a ponytail and finished out the look with earrings from Sapphire and multiple bracelets. A sequined jacket from Zara added sparkle to the look.

Between the two, which look has you vote? The A+O dress or Wang skirt?

Priyanka Chopra In Alice + Olvia, Alexander Wang And Zara At Opening Of Mugshot Lounge-1

Priyanka Chopra At ‘Mugshot Lounge’ Opening

Priyanka Chopra In Alice + Olvia, Alexander Wang And Zara At Opening Of Mugshot Lounge-2

Priyanka Chopra At ‘Mugshot Lounge’ Opening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Can i say neither? 😛 Alice olvia dress is just bad ! also gold accessories with that sparkling silver jacket?as usual she is back to her short skirts and dresses…

  2. I have faith someday Priyanka [and Bipasha] will grace us with a nice full length outfit. They have fantastic bodies and I wish they knew that while these looks with short dresses and skirts and all are nice it wouldn’t hurt switching it up for the sake of variety which may mean longer length dresses and skirts etc.

  3. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t see the second outfit as “tacky” (Lord that is the most overused word on HHc comments..makes me cringe now)

    It’s a club and she’s having fun! I think it’s perfect club wear and looks great with the ponytail
    Sometimes the HHc comment board appears to be several iterations of aunt prudie…or my mother?

    The first look on the other hand is stuffy

  4. 1st look -so ill fitting in bust area, horrible material, and the hair!!
    2nd look-boughetto (is the spelling right?)
    all good work of past few times down the drain.

  5. The hair in the first look ruins it…as usual. The second look seems to be a clash of gold bracelets & earrings with the silver jacket….that kinda brings down the look. But otherwise she looks good there.

  6. PC has been giving different looks from jumpsuits to desi wear in her other appearances. This is for a club-lounge, so I don’t see what is the fuss about the short clothes. She looks good in the second look. First look the hair is blah.


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