Making A Statement

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Statement necklaces, multi-strand and multi-necklaces, baubles, beads, ribbons and what-have-you strung together… it’s a trend that’s been around for a bit and a trend that’s gonna be around for a bit longer if the ladies at Vogue have anything to do with it!

They couldn’t have rubbed it into us any better! :p


L To R: Priya Tanna, Bandana Tiwari And Anaita Shroff Adajania At Vogue India’s Fashion’s Night Out, Delhi

Photo Credit: Wireimage

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  1. The 3 leading ladies of Vogue India all look uber chic with their fashion statement necklaces and their subdued outfits. I think all three of them make looking good so effortless.

    P.S- Loving the Fashions Night Out T-shirts, I think their more creative then the NYC Fashion Night Out ones. Great job Vogue India!

  2. I really like vogue as a magazine, but the 3 ladies featured here look anything but nice..nah nah, blah blah..

    and yes neckpieces are in and gonna be around for quite some time, so are Cuffs

  3. Ok, before I go any further, I need to get this off my chest – Holy Barf Fest, Batman.

    Now that that’s done with.

    Priya Tanna sure has deflated, hasn’t she? The pressures of the industry, what?

    I like Bandana Tewari, but girlfriend could sure use some anti-aging gel. She looks older than she, and dresses younger then she is.

    Speaking of dressing younger, what with the last one channeling Lindsay Lohan and the rest of young Hollywood? Overdone and unoriginal.

  4. you think it would be that great if vogue india ladies weren’t sporting them??
    look at priya tanna…she seems way too distorted for a dress like this in the very first place!

  5. im actually quite sick of this ‘trend’! they’re just playing it safe and being completely unimaginative. there was a time when i loveddd statement jewelery with a plain dress. but now its just being done by any other person.. yawn!

  6. They look frumpy old mamas trying to be stylish. I dont like the Indian Vogue . Far cry from the British vogue. Imagine taking style advice from these .look at how to wear 80s in the sept issue . Major WTHEYY in VOGUE.

  7. I don’t agree with you all. The three women mentioned above are here on the hhc website , because they have worked hard . Priya and Bandana are the two of the best fashion journalists in the country, and Anaita is the best fashion stylist.
    I don’t know why we undermine their skills – when they want to look good and spread their fashion message. Hosting a fashion night out was a really big initiative.
    I don’t know what all the fuss is about?
    Maybe people cant take their success, or they are jealous of being the criticizers not the workers of one the the best fashion magazine in the world?


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