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A big ‘thank you so very much’ to ‘Grazia’ for featuring us on their cool list! It sure is an honor!

And thank ‘You’ for reading us and making us want to work on this blog every single day!


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  1. Congrats you guys!!! I feel so proud to have followed this blog ever since it was just a fledgling when only 2-3 people commented on the posts and now its getting bigger and better every day. You guys do an absolutely fabulous job, keep it up and hope you guys get bigger than this!!


  2. I wonder some of us might be some famous page3 socialites or actors ourselves, sneaking into this effulgence .. you come up really well

  3. yes i wonder the same thing… i feel someone passed on our comments to priyanka…why else would she change her pose in magazine shoots!

  4. wooohooooo!!! nice job guys!

    hope some of these mags/dailies pick up on hw mid-day shameless rips off this site as well…wudnt that be something?!

  5. I am actually addicted to this blog and I check it every morning after I am done with google news and ofcourse at bedtime..and sometimes in between. I love this blog.

  6. Hey gals, Congratulations!Keep up the good work dearies .I am addicted to this page. start my mornings with it.More imp than the newspaper for me;-)

  7. Congrats Payal and Priyanka!! and thank you yet again for giving us something to look forward to each morning πŸ™‚ and making my life just so fashionably interesting! :))

  8. CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!!!!!! I am really happy for you guys πŸ˜€ Hey did I not tell you you’d do great things when I emailed ya? πŸ™‚ Woooooo!!


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