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Shama Sikander in dress robes from Hogwarts? Arzoo Govitrikar in curtains from an old bed n’ breakfast in Ooty?

What else can you call the former’s yards of silk and the latter’s floral nightmare, but, “WTHeyyy”!!??!

Shama Sikander
Arzoo Govitrikar

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  1. hate shama’s dress. arzoo’s dress is okay, nothing great, but its STRIKINGLY similar to a dress at forever 21 this season! i will try to find a link and post it here if i find it 🙂

  2. HAHAHA is that a glowstick necklace?
    Love the Hogwarts reference, made me smile 🙂
    Arzoo reminded me of Diablo Cody in this pic

  3. they are no name F list celebrities, what else do you expect from them?

    any events with TV stars in them equates to tacky and full of WTFness

  4. Now imagine Aarzoo’s dress in the length Shama’s wearing… that’d look much more graceful, wouldn’t it? Minus all the bling around the neck, including the hosepipe

  5. Is this a recent picture? It must be hot in Bombay to be wearing that long dress. Hate to see what bad styling does to a beautiful girl (Shama)

  6. The less said about Arzoo the better. Purse to matchy-matchy, the hem of the dress looks odd (I think its a bubble dress, Are they still in fashion). The off shoulder look not for her. She needs to loose some weight.


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