Not Quite

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She is young. She is fresh. She is pretty. But as a debutante, has she dressed to impress? Not Yet.


Prachi Desai

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  1. Whatever happened to the good ol’ denims??? There’re ALWAYS a safe bet if ur not sure what to wear! Prachi’s top is still okay… just the PJ-like pants make it terible

  2. Omg! That is my Mango top! I wear that to class .. I hope she was not attending a function or some sort and NO! not those pants or PJs or whatever…sigh if i had the money these celebrities had had…(i meant generally, not particularly Prachi!)

  3. c’mon ya’ll she’s too sweet to dress up like celeb’s does i tink se’s okay imean how often do you see celeb’s depent’s on thier natural beauty ?? you don’t right


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